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Organic Google Traffic Versus Adwords Traffic – Pros and Cons

Google as one of the leading search engines is widely used for online marketing campaigns by many companies. Online Merchants use it to generate traffic to their respective websites and boosting their sales. This is made possible through Adwords traffic and Organic traffic. An Adwords account helps merchants market their products by offering users a platform to create ads online at a fee while Organic traffic purely relies on search engine optimization efforts. In this article, we will try and note which among the two is the best for your search engine marketing Naples campaigns. We will discuss in details on the pros and cons and effective ways you can use each mode of traffic to maximize your returns.


Pros and Cons of AdWords

In Google Adwords your ads give your business a great exposure to your customers within a short time. If you are looking for traffic especially for products with high-commercial intent, Adwords is the way to go. Immediately you set your campaign and your ads are verified by Google, your website is advertised to over 2 billion users which guarantee instant traffic to your site. This results to potential sale leads.

On the other hand, Adwords faces some drawbacks. First, it may prove costly as there is always a fee pegged on each Adwords campaign that you place. The fee increases when you use highly competitive keywords which are subjected to a bidding process. Secondly, Google has strict rules and may deactivate your account for a life time upon breach. Hence merchants should always read the terms and conditions keenly. Lastly, Google posts your Ad as an advertisement to their users, this lowers credibility of the sales process.

Organic SEO Pros and Cons

Organic SEO boasts of great advantages. SEO charges no fee and largely depends on how your keywords are optimized, this cuts on the marketing budget. Moreover, your revenue will increase as soon as you attract traffic to your website and this may last for a long time. SEO also helps you build credibility to your customer as your organic search results will be assumed to be from an expert on the subject matter and not mere ads.


On the other hand, SEO faces some drawbacks. To start with, SEO might take a longer period to drive traffic to your website as compared to Adwords. You may need to differentiate your keywords to those of your competitor’s more often in order to maintain top positions in search engine results. In addition, Organic traffic is hard to monitor and you may not be able to track progress on any increase/decrease in traffic.

What is better, Organic Google traffic or Adwords traffic?

When it comes to online marketing campaigns, there are no winners or losers. All that matters is the choice of marketing strategy that will suit your business. Many internet marketers make a terrible mistake when they rule out Organic Google traffic over Google Adwords and viceversa. They end up losing touch with their online customers. It is important therefore for merchants to use both strategies in building traffic in their marketing campaigns as they complement each other.